8 reasons why Egg must be in everyone’s diet plan

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    Eggs are considered as a “complete food” and is suitable for any age group due to the fact that it contains all the essential amino acids which is a natural supplement for muscle mass and strength.

    You do not need a multi vitamin pill if you consume eggs every day

    Uday Kumar

    1. Muscle Growth

    Eggs are the cheapest source of protein for body builders.
    Egg, being rich in protein can provide upto 4-6 grams or protein per egg.
    Having 4-5 Eggs after your workout can boost your muscle growth and protein synthesis.

    FACT : Eggs contains 9 essential amino acids.

    Muscle Growth

    2. Maintains Cholesterol Level

    Healthy Cholesterol levels are necessary for maintaining cell membrane structure and for better digestion.
    Note :- 150 mg of cholesterol per day is a sweet spot to avoid any risks.

    FACT : Never Discard Yolk. Yolk is where you would find majority of nutrients.

    cholesterol level

    3. Weight Loss

    As Eggs are rich in Protein, You would be energized and full for extended period so that you can avoid binge eating junk foods.

    FACT : Eggs does not directly helps you lose weight. High Protein Intake would stop you from eating Junks all the time.

    weight loss

    4. Healthier Hair

    Biotin and other Vitamin B complex vitamins present in Eggs can curb the hair loss and add strengthen your hair.
    Mainly the egg yolks are rich in biotin which helps hydrating the hair and increases the elasticity.
    Due to abundance of protein, Eggs helps in rebuilding the damaged keratin and avoids hairfall and restructure the hair.
    healthy hair

    5. Youthful Skin

    Egg Whites (Albumen) helps fixing the wrinklesreduces the enlarged pores, and enhances skin tone.

    Continuous usage of Facemask made up of Egg whites, wheat flour and honey can reduce the fine lines on your face and makes the skin firmer.

    FACT : Egg white mask can help you get rid of black heads!

    Youthful Skin

    6. Brain Development

    Choline present in egg yolk helps in better functioning of Brain.
    Choline is one of the most important micro nutrient required to synthesize acetylcholine that improves the memory and keeps you active.
    Brain development

    7. Sharper Eye Sight

    Lutein (Type of Carotenoid) present in Eggs are the key component that improves our eye sight.

    Along with Lutein, Eggs also contain Zeaxanthin which protects our eyes from harmful UV radiations.

    FACT : Both Lutein and Zeaxanthin reduces the risks of developing Cataracts.

    Eye sight

    8. Stronger Bones

    Egg yolk contains a good amount of Vitamin D so never discard the yolk!
    Helps in preventing Osteoporosis.

    Fact : Vitamin D Helps in the absorption of Calcium, hence strengthens the bones.

    bone strength


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