Top 5 Muscle Building Myths and Mistakes

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More Sets Is NOT Equal to More muscle Growth

This is a common notion in every newbie’s mind that more reps/sets will enhance the muscle growth. No, It is not true and It will not.
Too many sets or reps would Indeed lead to over training which would not only stop the muscle to grow but also render you not to work out further and  adversely damage the muscle tissues and losing the muscle mass.
When It comes to Muscle building, It is you who need to differentiate between over-training and undertraining as the training depends on various factors like your body type, strength, goals etc,. Of course Under-training would not help you gain muscle mass but gradually you will understand how to Increase the weights or sets or reps to effectively strategize your workout routine.
As we exercise, Body releases hormones such as Testosterone, Growth Hormone, and Insulin, These hormones regulate the muscle growth. Your Body also releases an hormone called Cortisol which is a stress hormone which would counterattack the muscle growth. Therefore In order to effectively maintain the Cortisol level, Keep the Training period as short as possible.

Then, Here comes the question;
Then, What is the average time that we need to workout?
As mentioned, The workout duration may slightly vary from one body type to other but the studies shows that one can do cardio sessions for 30-45 minutes and weight training upto 60 minutes.

Adjust the Weight Training and Cardio sessions according to your Goals.

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